Value is not getting exported


Hi Friends,

I am trying to export but only Time and Lists are getting exported.

And no Line Items and their values.

Please tell me, when it happens and what do I need to do?


  • prabhu

    @Sravan_Kumar - Send the screen shot of

    Grid view,

    blueprint view of your module and

    exported file



    It would be helpful for me to investigate.


  • Misbah



    Do you have any values in the module. Export suppresses all the zeroes by default.


    Also can you please which format are you exporting in - Grid/Tabular Single Column/Tabular Multiple Column - Screenshot will help



  • Thanks @Misbah @prabhu.


    Apologies, it is a confidential data, so I can't post.

    I am trying to replicate a model and share.

    I will tag you once I post it.


  • Yes @Misbah. & @prabhu 

    It worked, it was the empty row issue.