Circular References - OFFSET




I want to create something like the below example, but Anaplan returns circular references.

Could you please give me an idea?





In the above example, I input below formulas

Last month stock = PREVIOUS(Stock) 

Consumption = get from different module

Planned Received Amount = OFFSET(Recommended Order Quantity, -1, 0) 

Stock = Last month stock - Consumption + Planned Received Amount

Lead time = get from different module

Recommended Order Quantity = IF Stock > OFFSET(Consumption, 1, 0) THEN 0 ELSE OFFSET(Consumption, 1, 0) - Stock


However, I want to change "Planned Received Amount" formula to  OFFSET(Recommended Order Quantity, -Lead time, 0) 

I can understand if lead time is less than 0 this would be a circular reference, but lead time is always over 0.


Any ideas to resolve this?



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  • AyumiS
    Thank you so much!
  • as a note, I personally almost never use offset. I prefer the lag and lead, the reason being this way you see immediately what the formula does.