Way to limit or not allow user to select a specific time period in the dropdown



I have a line item Start and End that has a list of 1-5 as shown on the screenshot below. In the example below for item 1, I have selected start and end date of Jan 19- Mar 19, in item 2 I have selected Apr 19 - Jun 19. Is there a way to limit the dropdown of the second item so that it will not allow me to select a start date that is already from the duration of item 1? or if possible, a checking or indicator that will prompt me that the period I am selected is already in use?




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  • Thank you! Will  try this and will let you know if it works.




  • @JaredDolich 


    Great,Truly a Master.


    I think it will surely help him find overlaps But what he can't do is to restrict the dependent drop down based on the first column. On second thoughts I wish there was native functionality for modelers to decide if they want to enable Dependent drop down on TIME formatted line items. If enabled it would only look for future months based on the month selected without creating the mappings.

  • Thanks Jared, This worked!! 🙂

  • Hi @JaredDolich 


    I have similar issue, but instead of time period dropdown have calendar option to select the dates as below.



    Any help appreciated.