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Good day to everyone! I am making my first steps in Anaplan environment. Here is my current challenge: I have a Module that consists of a List of Asset ID's (about 5000 records) and 12 Line Items in List Format. The Line Items are used to provide detail to the Assets (Region, Vendor, Equipment type, etc.) I would like to have a dashboard where I can filter by specific Region, specific Vendor and specific Equipment Type and have a chart displaying the results. I know how to create a summary count by Region, or any other Line Item alone. However, I can't think of a way to use multiple filters. Thanks a lot!

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    Hello Gene,
    I've tested your case
    Below is a quite easy example of realization
    1. I've made the "filter setup" module with list formatted lineitems (please see filter setup.png)
    2. I've create "Assets Catalog" module with list formatted lineitems and 2 boolean linitems "Filter OR" and "Filter AND" (please see Assets Catalog.png)
    3. I've composed the formula for "Filter OR" and "Filter AND" lineitems (please see Assets Catalog Blueprint.png)

    As the result we get True or False values in "Filter OR" and "Filter AND" lineitems that depends on values in "filter setup" module and Assets properties

    Then you could use these boolean values as external filters for any module containing data and Assets ID as a list
    And dashboard.png as example of data vizualization
    1. The dashboard requires update action after every change in filters and filters now doesn't work with dashboard diagrams (hope it'll be aviable in the nearest update)
    2. If needed in "Filter setup" module you could create and configure booolean formatted lineitems that will switch between "Filter OR" and "Filter AND" results