Drill to Transaction Functionality in the New UX


Drill to Transaction Functionality is considered critical for some partners/clients as it's functionality that has no alternate solution. I have heard specifically from FP&A implementations regarding allocations, as well as ICM use cases, but would love anyone giving kudos to leave comments with additional examples of it's use.


Creating this idea because the standard way of submitting feedback via the New UX is only relevant to those actively using the New UX.

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  • Miran
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  • starting a major Finance project, DTT is a key part of it. Won't be able to use NUX...

  • Agreed - this would be nice to have in the NUX.

  • dkolka

    We're embarking on Finance revamp project that includes building out of a Fi data hub to support multiple spoke models.  At least 2 of the spoke models will need DTT.  One of the spoke models already uses the existing functionality in Classic.  However, going forward classic really isn't an option as all existing UI's are moving to the UX.  Either is mirroring transaction data in the spoke models.

  • @Miran 


    Do you have any update on DDT, when it will release in NUX?

  • Miran

    Hi @vicky_ascencio, could we get a status update on this idea? Thanks! 

  • emr21a

    We desperately need this feature with our company. I am having to update details shown on cards in both the NewUX and the classic dashboard. Anaplan is a manual tool in most aspects of how we use it and users being able to Drill to Transaction in the NewUX is extremely important to get out of manually updating 2 different areas, plus users being able to see their own data. We lost a lot of functionality in the NewUX.

    @Miran  @vicky_ascencio 

  • This comes up often and the basic functionality has existed in most EPM tools for a long time.  At a minimum, being able to pass in a URL parameter in the NUX page link to allow setting the focus across models would help in setting the page focus to make the process look more seamless.

  • BPifer

    Is there any update here from Anaplan?

  • Any news ?

    I had understood that (New) UX would migrate all classic features, but I was a bit disappointed to see drill to transactions was just available on the model side.

    Drill Down / Drill Through (e.g. Drill to Transactions) are key features for any business planning use case ^^

  • NoahJ

    The Dill to Transaction is an amazing feature, and will continue to be a pain point for customers who use it but want to migrate to the (New) UX.

    Additionally, if/when it is developed for the New UX, the requirement that all SUM mapping lines must be in the same module should be removed - Drill to Transaction really just shows the source module with an automatically generated filter that matches the cell intersection that you selected, it seems feasible for that filter to include line items from other modules. This would improve flexibility of the feature.

  • Any update on this?

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