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Each individual country enters data in their local currencies.  However, for the reporting in USD, it is to be done at Region level only.  There is no need for Country level.
Right now, I managed to convert at Country level (REP05) and the Region data will automatically be rolled up.

If I do not want to store converted data at Country level and I would just want to report in USD at Region level, how can this be done?





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  • fabien.junod

    Hello @Star 

    You are right, since the FX is at the country level, you need that level for the USD conversion.

    After you convert to USD , as @nathan_rudman suggested it, you can create a  reporting module at the G1 level.

  • nathan_rudman
    if you are trying to save space, you can't here.
    your FX is at the country level, so you have to calculate at the lowest level.
    What you could do is calculate it in a module without summary, so only G3 counts, and then SUM it up to a module that has just G1, but I don't recommend it as you are just reproducing what the auto summary is doing. Only if you are very hungry for space


  • Hi,


    Your level 2 is part of the hierarchy, you cannot simply remove it from all calculations.

    However you can create a module that only using G1, so it won't use the space of the levels below and will not show them.

  • Star

    Tried using G1 in a module but seems like the calculation for countries is still required in order for G1 to be calculated, which in the example below would use just as much space.

    In this instance,

    REP05 - Test 2 --> Sales Revenue - Converted Region's formula is  ''REP05 Local Currency P&L - Test 1'.'Sales Revenue - Converted'[SUM: 'SYS03 Country Details'.Region]' and 

    REP05 - Test 1--> Sales Revenue - Converted's formula is 'Sales Revenue * 'FX01 Currency Rates'.Rates[LOOKUP: 'SYS03 Country Details'.Local Currency]'

    Not sure how your suggestion works.  Would you be able to provide more information?



  • Star

    @fabien.junod , @nathan_rudman 


    Thanks for the replies and confirmation. Appreciate them.