New UX: Dependent Dropdowns on Create Forms


We are in the midst of creating a PoC for a client to update their current planning process from classic to the new user experience, and want to take advantage of the create form, where we can add a project to their projects list in a specific subset, and make line item selections for the new project added.


Currently, any line item value that you add does not follow the dependent dropdown selections made from other line items. Is there a known workaround other than having fields published to a card on the dashboard after an item has been created?

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  • Miran
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  • this is a problem for me too - Editing the item in a module after it has been created in a form respects the dependent dropdown settings, the form should as well.


    I confirm me too, i have the same problem.



  • Yes, I have the same issue

  • We have the same issue at a client.

  • We are facing with the same issue. Do you think it can be included in the roadmap? 

  • @BazdaSem  nice to see you! We're in different organizations now, but looks like we are facing same challenge 🙂

  • yeah would be very convenient to have.

    To be honest kinda MVP...


  • Makes sense / Feels right. 

  • Agreed - this is also a problem for me. I view this as more of a bug than a new idea for the road map to be honest. If the line item is formatted as a dependent drop-down list, then that format should be maintained on a form if you're using that line item, no? Also, for what it's worth, someone else posted about this issue here:


    Either way, it definitely would be great to have this functionality.

  • It seems more like a bug than a new idea ?

    Seems the same occurs with selective access on on the list as well. One can select any list item while selective access is on. On a regular grid, selective access is operational, on a form it is not working

  • Unfortunately this isn't something we're able to support. When using a form, the new list item isn't created in the model until the form is submitted, meaning that until this point no data within the form exists in the model.

    Things like dependent dropdowns and conditional formatting are driven by model calculations, and while the data in the form is yet to exist in the model we are unable to apply those calculations.

    If we were to re-engineer forms to insert a new list item into the model when the form is opened then these model calculations could apply but this approach opens up the challenge of handling (potentially many) orphaned or no-longer-required list items within a production model.

    The current suggested workaround is to use a form to capture the initial data about the new list item and then a combination of field cards and grid cards to capture additional data once the list item has been created within the model.

  • Status changed to: Not Planned
  • Today I had the 3 customer in a row that asked me why this is not possible. @davewaller I understand that it may be complex, but there is clearly a need for it.

  • Not creating the record prior to the form launch impacts other things like subsets used in conjunction with Dynamic Cell Access.  I had a customer's form continuously fail because DCA wouldn't set to write prior to populating the line items assigned in the form.

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