Community: Add fields to user profiles to allow community members to share their experience


I think it would be really interesting if Community members could share additional information on their background/Anaplan experience.  I could envision this being helpful if you were looking for other uses who come from a similar industry or use case, so thus would also request the fields to be seachable.


Below are some suggested optional fields that users could choose to fill out:

  • Industry
  • Primary Use Case (LOB)
  • Company/Employer
  • Location

Thanks in advance for considering!

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  • Miran
    Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • Stan


    Thanks for the great idea - This is on our road map for the year!  We're hoping to use it for the reasons you mentioned, as well as helping to personalize the experience a bit more as you interact with Community!

  • Stan

    We're actively working on building out enhancements for this now. We're improving our Community onboarding and profile experience, and through this work we'll be improving some of the information you can share in your profile.

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