Calculation within the list


I've got a list with few properties. 

I need to get calculations ("calculation" property in the file attached) baced on the the previous calculated value of the same item in the list.

Is there any way to do this. Maybe i should use module?


Thank you!

Best Answer

  • Hi @Vladimir 

    Using a mapping and LOOKUP function is the only approach that will allow you to reference a different item within the same list.

    When setting up the items in your list use a number reference as your code.

    In your system model recover the code for the current list item and convert to number from text.

    Create a rule to subtract the number of list items you need to retrieve data from. In your case as it is the previous item subtract 1. 

    Use this result to FINDITEM of the corresponding list item. This will create the mapping you can use to retrieve data for any previous list item in that list. 




  • @Vladimir 


    First of all please create a SYS module for this list and avoid making any properties in the list

    Second if you have to get the previous value of any list item try creating a lookup module and map the list items accordingly. And then use this module to pull the data of previous list item based on the mapping


    Hope that helps


    P.S You can use PREVIOUS or Time Functions when there is no timescale

  • @Misbah , Shure i will use SYS module.

    Iookup and mapping wil not do

    I need to get recalculated previous value of the same property

    Pleace see the mock up (Calculation property)