Count items in a flat list?




I am trying to count how many items are in a list and display it in a module?

In the example below we have 3 items in the list. 


Does a function like this exist? 





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  • jnoone
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    Create a system module (with #promotion flat as a dimension) with a line item called "count" and a formula of just "1".  Create a second module which is a "totals module" (without #promotion flat as a dimension).  In the totals module create a line item called count that directly references the system module (system module.count).  It should naturally grab the top level.  


  • Thanks! That worked. I was overthinking it. 

  •  if the flat list don't have top level item, how it will calculate? 

  • hey @Javvaji45 , if you see at the screenshot there is top level item present.

    Note: flat list cannot be a part of hierarchy.


  • I understood the use case , but I'm asking how we calculate with out top level item - count of list items
  • I got the solution for the with out top level item , we can calculate the count of items in flat list , by using the Another dimension  based on the dimension we can calculate it .


  • SyedArbaz
    edited March 2023

    Hi @Javvaji45 can you explain how to calculate count of items in flat list without top level

  • @SyedArbaz create one more list and add the item like "Top level" , you can hard code this item in the flat list dimensioned module and write the sum formula in the target module. see the below screen shots

  • Thank you @Javvaji45 it worked :)