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  Hi all,  I need help with the following: i have a module with a Product List, this list cotains unique for each product List "X"               Users Product A             100 Product B             200 Product C             300 PARENT TOTAL   700 But the real total unique users adds up 550, which mean that a users used more than 1 product. Is there any way or formula in anaplan, that in the summary method for the PARENT TOTAL instead get the total of 700, it shows me the 550 unique users??

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  • Joris
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    Hi Rodolfo,

    This will be possible, but it requires making a choice as to when to include a user for a certain product in case a user is linked to more than one product. For example, you might only include the user for the first product that is used, or based on some other value such as highest product revenue.

    What is the relevance of the number of users for "Total products" ? In case you just want to display the total number of users, it might make more sense to do this regardless of the products they are linked to.

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