Looking for a neat way to create a histogram in Anaplan


I am currently looking for a way to create a histogram out of a lot of simulated data I have created.

Basically the application runs a full Monte Carlo Simulation and I would like to present a histogram of the Results. I have those results in a module with the "Simulations" list (lets assume it is all in one line item). 

What is the easiest way to get a histogram (ideally with a dynamic amount of buckets) of these 500.000 values?
I was thinking of creating a list (dynamically) and then creating another module to count the occurrences. However this would be really tedious and could **** performance. Any other ideas?

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  • Very similar to my final solution so confirmed my suspicion that we need some development here maybe even to just get a count/ countif function.Thanks @jasonblinn
  • a1234


    I am now working on creating a histogram by this method, but I cannot use the flitering function in the UX page.

    I make sure that I checked all the boxes in the module before publishing.

    Is it necessary to put any formula in the 'Use in Display' line item?


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