CoE Community Ask Me Anything Recap


As the Anaplan ecosystem continues to mature, many companies are beginning to commit dedicated resources to building and scaling an Anaplan Center of Excellence (CoE). We have found that those customers who have made this investment are the most likely to attain independent sustainability, and maximize their value received out of the Anaplan platform.

In our continued efforts to support the growing community of these CoEs, we recently hosted a Community Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the topic of the maturity curve of developing a CoE. At that time, we also launched the 9 most common steps to building a CoE, which now also has a template CoE Charter deck.

Throughout the AMA, the questions and conversations centered around topics of internal organization and sponsorship, as well as enabling business users to own and maximize their Anaplan platform. We wanted to take this opportunity to showcase a few key highlights from the discussion, and we encourage you to follow the links to review the detailed conversations as they took place:

We hope these conversations are helpful along all points of the CoE journey, and as always we are excited to find more opportunities to continue support our customers on this critical path to self-sufficiency. What did you think about the AMA? Please share your thoughts or post more questions in our ongoing CoE Discussion Forum!


  • Thank you @ChrisWeiss - What a great recap. I hope we'll keep the CoE conversation going!

    The more implementations I'm involved with, the more I really appreciate @matthewkuo deprecation point of view. CoE is one of the smartest things customers can implement to maintain the continuity. But it takes a very committed leader with the right level of influence.