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Currently number settings can be done only at Line item level.

It is cumbersome to repeat number settings across all lines in the modules in a model. 


Like Time and Version settings, can we have the option to set up Default Number Settings at a model level.

Similarly, Rounding of numbers can be set up a default across the model.


The defaults can be further overwritten at Line Item level.


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  • Miran
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  • bhill5

    along with default colors, yes model should have the ability to set default for all number characteristics.

    this is a very common ask since US & other countries have very different formatting requirements. 

  • I agree with this, some model builders spend too much time either copy/paste number format from a system module or setting up the correct format.

  • Was there any action on this in the last two years?

    This is a pretty valid request in Europe, as well, with all the different languages and keyboard settings. Each country users would like to use their own preferences, same as they do in Excel.

    It is a costly model builder activity now.

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