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I've seen a few posts about further KPI enhancement requests, hopefully this post could help pulling them altogether and other community members could add further notes/requests as comments ? 

When it comes to visualizations one of the best inspirations for me come from Qlik Sense. As their KPI object looks very cool I'd love to see the following enhancements implemented in the new UX :


- Conditional styling

- Threshold

- Graphic

- Additional measure to display


No need to add further words, instead the following image should be self explanatory. It would be very cool if we had something similar available in Anaplan.





PS as far as I'm aware sparklines on KPI cards should be available soon, which is very good news!


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  • Miran
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  • Yep.  would like that.  Would also apply nicely to attrition rates - Future leavers and already left in year

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