Select levels of hierarchy that are applicable for a module/line item


Hi all,


Different teams at a client tend to work different. So a hierarchy might consist of 5 levels, but different teams tend to only use 2 or 3 of those levels for their day to day business.


It would be a nice option if we were able to select the levels within a hierarchy that are applicable for that module or line item. For example: L5, L4, L2 instead of having to use the entire hierarchy (L5 - L1).


Advantages are:

- more to the point for users, only what's relevant for them;

- less cell size;

- less calculations;

- in exceptions: no need for multiple similar, but different hierarchies and related mappings.


All the best,


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  • My initial thought was we already had this in dashboard display, but realized you want this to be in the 'Applies To' section of the module. Good Suggestion! 


    Also, it would be good if Anaplan allowed to create different views of the hierarchy and use the view. This will avoid creation of many alternate lists and modules. I believe Oracle cloud has such an option.

  • Hi Kudi(arasu)


    Thanks for your remark, it was definitely necessary to clarify that. It is available in the dashboards. And by using select levels. But it remains there and does impact cell count et cetera.


    I would suggest the flexibility to have them, or not have them at all.


    Kind regards,


  • Miran
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