Concatenate users into a text field


I created a matrix, including two lists (tasks list and the built in users list) as dimensions and a boolean formatted line item in order to set write access for an other line item through the Write Access Driver. That part works, no issue with it.

But I want to list (concatenate) in a simple text formatted line item all the users who have been previously marked (through the booleans described above). Is there a way to this? So, as an output I'd like to see my tasks list and a line item including all the users.

The purpose is that every task in the tasks list might have several users with write access, and I want to list all users in one field who will have write access for each given task in the list.



  • Hi,

    to concatenate lists items into text we use the function TEXTLIST.
    I have not tested it with the user list though, expecting your results 🙂
  • Hello,


    TEXTLIST function cannot be used with USERS list. Its one of the constraint with TEXTLIST. 

    May be you can create custom users list and use textlist function.





  • Hello, 


    I have created custom user list and I got below results. Let me know if this what you wanted.


    Source Module:



    Target Module:







  • @zsitvayb 


    See if this helps


    Step 1: Create a Fake Users list. This list will be pulled from System module of Native Users

    Step 2: Create a module with Task List and Fake Users as dimensions and  two line items created as well.One Boolean and other Text 

               Boolean for Input

               Text for identifying the user




    Step 3: Create another module with Just Task List as a dimension and one text formatted line item




  • Thanks, this seems to be something I tried. I think I failed because of using the system user list in the textlist function.

    Maybe, it's just too late for me and it should be obvious, but can you please elaborate a bit your below point of 


    'Step 1: Create a Fake Users list. This list will be pulled from System module of Native Users'


    I assume a fake users list that is being somehow synchronized with the native users list, but have no idea how to do it.

  • @zsitvayb 


    I called it Fake you can call it anything, Fake Users list is when you try to mimic the Native Users List. So how to create Fake Users list


    Step 1: Create a System module with Users list as a dimension. Create one line item and get the Users by writing formula  ITEM(Users) in the line item.

    Step 2: Create a list call it anything and Import the Users from System module of Users (Created in Step 1).


    Your Fake User list is ready

  • Thanks, that was clear. I just thought there is a way to have the fake list automatically sychronized with the native list instead of importing it from the module.

    But then will try it out soon. 

  • @Misbah


    Sorry, one additional question:

    If I use the fake user list, then how can I use this module to drive the write access for a line item?

    I have no idea how to use the value of the boolean here that is linked to the task list/dummy user list in a module where I have the task list/native user list as dimensions.

  • @zsitvayb 


    If your dimensionality doesn’t match then first use FINDITEM to link fake users and native users. Post which you can use LOOKUP to derive the values into your target module. The earlier workaround was  only to collate the users into text formatted line item

  • @Misbah 


    That's exactly what I tried, but it seems to me that the native Users cannot be used in LOOKUP as the lookup value.

    In the first screenshot is my basic module (with the native users list and a boolean) that intends to control the write access of an other line item.

    In the second is the one with the dummy users list that I want to use for the users concatenation, and here I'd like to have the same booleans markes as true as in the other module.

  • learnt two things today:
    - textlist doesn't work with Users
    - read the doc I should
  • @zsitvayb Ah I see what you are saying. In that case you may have to use Native Users for controlling Security and Fake Users to see the text formatted users. 

    Will ponder over it if there are any better solutions

  • Yep, that seems obvious, but in this case I have to maintain two modules, which is not easy if I have cca. 50 tasks * 30 users * 5 versions, and need to ensure that in both modules (w/ dummy users and w/ native users) I have the same settings for the booleans.