Sum values based on period




Need a help to build a formula, have attached a screenshot for reference. Formula Needs to be build in Revenue Seasonality which need to take the values from Revenue Column and doing the sum of Periods.


For Example: Period 1 amounts: 112+ 95. Needs to be clubbed as 207 and shown in Revenue Seasonality against all the Period 1. Similar goes for rest of the periods.




  • @ShivankurSharma 

    Several ways you can accomplish this.

    1. First is to use TIMESUM.
    2. Second is to use a boolean on each of the time periods you want included. Can be dynamic if you want Then multiply the value times the 1 or 0 to sum up the preferred sales.


    Here's an example of TIMESUM:

    Sales by product:


    Sales using TIMESUM. Note that the "Sum" line item doesn't work because you can't directly refer to the line item on the Time dimension.


    Blueprint mode


  • Hi @ShivankurSharma ,


    Since your period is a list formatted line item , it establishes a mapping between time and period list, 

    so simply use Revenue[sum:souce.period] and it will aggregate against period dimension in target module