Level 1 - Dashboard - Optional Activity - Add Location and Product Page Selectors to Dashboard



In the Dashboard - Optional Activity, should the page selector for Product related be at Product or Product Family level?  





  • Hi Ips,


    If I remember correctly those 2 are a hierarchy (product family is a parent of product), so by publishing the selector for products it should automatically give you the option to select the product family.


    So I'd recommend publishing the product-selector in order to cover your bases.


    All the best,

  • lps
    @MaartenGijbels, thanks.
    Out of curiosity, as the current page selector in the Saved View that is published to DB is Product, is there any way to publish just the Product Family (parent of Product) as Page Selector?
  • Yes, you could do exactly the same as you did for the PRODUCT-list. However starting from the higher level dimension. In essence this means starting from a module that uses the PRODUCT FAMILY in its applies to to create the selectors.


    More info can be found here.





  • lps

    I could only managed to publish the PRODUCT list if I use the page selector from a module that has been published. If I want to publish the PRODUCT FAMILY page selector, I would have to use the page selector from another module that is not published.
  • Hi Ips,


    I made a small draft, and will include some screenshots. It's based on random things, so it won't be exactly the same as your L1.


    The lists:







    A module with inventory on PRODUCT-level:




    And a module with PRODUCT FAMILY in the applies to: (I didn't even bother to fill in the Line Items here)




    The dashboard:

    Publish selector from the SYS PRODUCT FAMILY-module:



    Publish a view from the module, I chose this:




    On the dashboard you get this:



    A page selector containing only the options for PRODUCT FAMILY, a selection here automatically drives the table below.



    But the table also allows to select a lower granularity (a product.)




    Have a look and see if that works for you.


    All the best,





  • lps
    Thank you so much for your effort in this. I am getting the same result as your example based on the publishing of 2 separate page selectors i.e.
    1) from Product (in which the module was published)
    2) from Product Family (in which the module was not published)
    and synchronisation of these 2 pages selectors in DB.

    Thanks again for the validation.