Dates and Salaries Question


I have a module where a user enters in employee start dates and then the termination date. There is also a field for annual salary.   This module does NOT have time as dimension. It does have organization and employees (employee 1…10).   In another module WITH time as dimension and organization but NOT employees, how do I pull write  a formula that populates the correct monthly salaries for the periods when the person is employed. Can I do this with these 2 modules or do I need an intermediary 3rd module to tie it all together?

Best Answer

  • jeremiebrunet
    Just an idea, you'll probably need to create an IsActive boolean line item with both Time and Employee as dimensions to make the link. It can be in your source or in your target module, no need to create an extra module. And you'll have to use some logic like IF INPERIOD(start date)....