DCA Import Access For Combination List


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I am working on a model where I have a module with dimension including a combination list, version lists & stages created with respect to P&L. The combination list has been created with the combination of states (rate area), product (Sku) etc.

Now to restrict the access of each Regional Finance Manager so as to allow them to only import values in the module with respect to their region I have created a DCA module with the dimension as that combination list only and used another module to mark their respective regions. I have used this DCA module in the write access of the module where the values are to be imported so that each RFM is able to import values with respect to their region only. 


But somehow things are not working and each RFM is being able to import values for all the states irrespective of his rate area. I have also attached the images, requesting your help on the same.


Thanks in advance.


DCA Module.JPGWrite Access Driver.JPG


  • @CommunityMember131357 ,


    It seems to me you shouldn't be using DCA but rather true Selective Access in this case.  Remember, DCA is not really security, it is a way to hide/enable cell data at the line item level whereas selective access is true security at the list level.  Additionally, selective access is a global designation whereas DCA is, again, at the line item level.  This is a very important designation because if you attempt this with DCA, you will have to set the DCA flags throughout the model whereas selective access you won't.


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