April 2020 Release Updates


Did you check out the latest updates for last month. Here is the link for full updates and a sneak peak at May



There are 5 major features  that have been released improving the NUX. Below is the deeper analysis of all these updates.


1. Drill Down Feature: (Applicable for Both End users and Page builders) It used to be only Single Level drill down in NUX before this release, now this is multi level drill down which basically means whatever is in classic has been carried over to NUX

2. End User Pivot Worksheets: (Applicable for Both End users and Page builders) End Users and Page builders can pivot their worksheets in runtime mode for quick analysis. This change doesn't impact other users's views. Once you come out of the page your worksheet will be restored to your original view, meaning this change is not permanent. Also end users can not pivot worksheets by default. Page builders have to enable the option for end users while building the worksheet page.

3.Custom color for charts: (Applicable for Page builders only)This update is only for charts and not for grid cards. Now you can use your own preferred color based on your corporate RGB color code

4.Filter your context selectors:(Applicable for Page builders only). You can filter context selectors based on any rule which will help end users in seamless navigation

5.Filter grids on Boards:(Applicable for Both End users and Page builders). Anyone can filter any grid (be it on worksheet or pages) and help you quicker analysis of the entire grid. It is done in runtime mode and can't be published.Worth to mention that the filters once applied aren't removed automatically by the system the way it does for Pivot (Explained in Point 2).  Probably the weak point here because if you pivot the grid and then apply the filter to see the results it will throw you expected results but once you move to the next page you might see data not populated system will repivot the grid to its original position but it will take the filter away. You might have to reset the selections. 




  • @Misbah 

    I didn't see anything in the release notes but @ABerenguela brought up a use-case with the APIs that might have been considered an "infrastructure upgrade". 

    Uploades/Downloads need to use the application/octet-stream Content-Type.


    Here's a Python snippet for a download - I tested it and it worked fine.


    # This script downloads a file in chunks.

    import requests

    import base64

    import sys

    import json

    from getAuthentication import userBA

    from getGUIDs import wGuid, mGuid, fileID, fileName


    url = (f'https://api.anaplan.com/1/3/workspaces/{wGuid}/models/{mGuid}/' +



    getHeaders = {

        'Authorization': userBA



    downloadHeaders = {

        'Authorization': userBA,

        'Accept': 'application/octet-stream'



    getChunkData = requests.get(url,


    with open('downloadChunkData.json', 'wb') as f:



    with open('downloadChunkData.json', 'r') as f:

        f2 = json.load(f)


    with open(f'{fileName}', 'wb') as f:

        for i in f2:

            chunkData = i

            chunkID = i['id']

            print(f'Getting chunk {chunkID}')

            getChunk = requests.get(url + f'/{chunkID}',



            print('Status code: ' + str(getChunk.status_code))

  • Misbah

    I honestly have no idea about that @JaredDolich . Focused only on NUX related features because it is undergoing lot of changes and to keep up the pace is need of the hour.