Is is possible to apply lookup in the same module to pick value of the previous line item?




Is it possible to get the value of the previous line item with in the same module?

if yes, what should be the formula?




  • SathyaM


    We can use the lookup formula in the same module. The below module contains "Headcount" as dimension. I used the Lookup function to identify the Manager's Geo (screenshot below).
    Format of the Manager line item should be "Headcount".






  • @sharmagh 

    @SathyaM answer is a good one. You can certainly use Lookup in the same module (not sure that's the most efficient way though).

    I had one follow up question for you though - Did you want the previous "line item", as you wrote? That might be a little harder. Maybe if you shared a mocked-up screenshot we can add more clarity to what you're trying to accomplish.

  • sharmagh

    @SathyaM - Thanks you however my problem is bit different. 

    @JaredDolich - I want value of previous line item that too from the previous list value.


    Kindly see the screen shots i have shared on the below link:



    Thank you!

  • @sharmagh 

    Just an idea.

    Could you set up a system module (only dimension is the list you want to pull the previous list item from)?

    In that system module create a line item that puts a numeric sequence on the list. 

    Then create another list using that sequence number as the code. This will serve as a mapping that allows you to find the previous list item.

    Not a pretty solution but it should work. You'll also have to decide what happens when you get to the first item in the list, since there isn't a previous on that.