need SUBTOTAL across Time


In several cases I need to use a subtotal for 5 quarters in calculations.  I have been using the All Periods total for most and it works some of the time.  However, often I don't want values included from previous years.  Ideally there would be a function like SUBTOTAL in Excel where the total would only be for the columns (time periods) that are shown in the view.  I have not been able to find anything like this in the Anaplan community.  Is there something that would approximate this?  Or can we get it on the list of needed enhancements?

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  • Good idea, maybe calculated in the view or dashboard on the fly would be sufficient (not building into the module)

    And while you are there, possibly  allow for other functions (divide, subtract etc) to be included. Could do  variances etc, without  impacting the base module. Would not aonly assist time, but also versions and other lists.
  • Chris, this function is good, and useful - I will use it when calculating seasonality across 5 quarters.  However it is awkward for the primary use case I have in mind.  My preference would be to have it as another option in the time dimension (like YTD and YTG).  I want to have multiple line items all summed over the given 5 quarters - to have an additional line item for each one would be cumbersome and confusing to the end user.