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Important Links

These links are curated just for you as you traverse your Anaplan for Retail journey!


Anaplan - Getting Started

Here's some helpful tips to get you started. Links follow.

  • Most importantly, be patient, this will take some time but it's worth the time investment.
  • Let the Community be a guide – there's a reason why people get selected to be Community Bosses - they have a real passion for helping others and they're really good with Anaplan. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. You’ll get an answer within minutes. Probably 3-4 answers! 
  • Take advantage of the on-demand learning. Try to take video courses in one sitting if you can.
  • Certifications take between 20 and 40 hours each. If you can afford the investment, try to pursue them  over 2-5 consecutive days.
  • Practice. For example, download an interesting model from the App Hub and try to replicate it. This is a great way to learn and may help with the “activity” score you need later on with advanced certifications.
  • Remember there are many ways to solve problems in Anaplan. Some are better than others but if you get the result you’ll be fine. Later, you can learn optimization.

The Getting Started Links:

  • Learning Center and Partner Dashboard – Start here! This is the learning center where you will take all your courses plus a whole bunch of other things.
  • Anaplan Anapedia – I stop place to get all online documentation
  • Launchpad – this is where you log into Anaplan
  • Anaplan Way Guide – this is the SCRUM adjusted methodology that has proven success to work
  • Idea Exchange – this is where you log your ideas for improvement or to see what others are recommending. You can vote for your favorites too.
  • Anaplan Platform Discussions – My favorite link. Here you can post any question and you will get a response usually within 5-10 minutes.
  • Content Sandbox – Here is where you can write white papers.
  • Best Practices Documentation – Memorize everything that is in this page. You’ll thank yourself 10 times over.
  • All Functions – this has all the Anaplan functions possible (well, almost)
  • Support - this is a one stop shop for all support issues. You can also log tickets here too.
  • How to become an Anaplan Master – start here to begin your journey. Note: for most this takes about 1-2 years.
  • API – Anaplan API guide and reference
  • Python – For those of you that want to leverage the Anaplan APIs and interface with Python, you will need this site.
  • Planual - Very important document that contains all the best practices in one or two sentences. Handy to have around and required reading for advanced certifications.

Once you've set up an account at the Anaplan Learning Center, you can do the following:

  • 100: Anaplan Customer Orientation
  • 101 Foundations
  • Level 1 Model Building (takes approx. 10-20 hours to complete) Took me 17 hours but I’m not the fastest. Build a few applications yourself from scratch before taking the next certification – download an app from app hub if you have to.
  • Level 2 Model Building (takes approx. 30-40 hours to complete) took me 40 hours.
  • Becoming a certified Anaplan Modeler for Anaplan Partners (customers can skip the Anaplan Way, I believe)
    1. Successfully pass Level 1 Modeling
    2. Successfully pass Level 2 Modeling
    3. Anaplan Way : This is a required course to become a certified Anaplan modeler that must be taken onsite in NYC, Minneapolis, San Francisco, or Virtual Classroom