Certified Master Anaplanners are Anaplan’s experienced platform evangelists who share a common technical language and are involved in the structural development of their models. Anaplan customers, partners, and employees are all eligible to become a Certified Master Anaplanner, given they are willing and able to meet the requirements below.

Upcoming Changes - February 2020

Coming Soon: Level 3 Model Building – slated to launch in early 2020 – will be required for qualification immediately upon its release. All Certified Master Anaplanners are required to complete L3 training by the annual maintenance deadline of December 31st regardless of application or acceptance date. All those who apply after L3 is launched will be required to complete L3 before becoming eligible to access the Master Anaplanner Certification Test.


Candidates must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Complete the core Academy trainings*
  • Experience at least 1-year of hands-on model building within the Anaplan platform
  • Achieve a high level of Anaplan model building activity
    • Defined by efforts of our current Certified Master Anaplanners

*List updated 12/17/19 - More courses to be added upon impending releases. 


After completing the above, candidates are encouraged to fill out our one-time online application. Candidates can continue with the certification process after changing employers as long as they notify our team via email.

Certification Test

Once a candidate has proven to be qualified, they are enrolled in the last stage of the certification process: the Master Anaplanner Certification Test. Upon receiving a passing score, they officially become a Certified Master Anaplanner, a status retained through completion of annual maintenance requirements.

Certification Test Resources

Our certification test is designed to test your cross-functional Anaplan knowledge, and includes multiple-choice questions on Model Building, Data Integration, and Center of Excellence Principles.

The best preparation for certification exams is practical experience. We recommend one or more years of hands-on experience using Anaplan. Training can also help you advance your technical skills and learn best practices for working with Anaplan.

In addition to our required training, the following materials can help you prepare for the certification test. Learn how you can grow your knowledge in the areas below:


Model Building Topics

Model Building Best Practices

Formulas and Functions

Dynamic Cell Access

Selective Access

Time Ranges

Dashboard Filtering

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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@Ameneh I noticed the "data integration" link above is going to the best practices site. You may want to refresh that link.

I assume its this one.




Thanks for looking out, @Jared Dolich! The "Data Integration" link takes me here, to Anapedia: https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Data_Integrations/Data_Integrations_Oveview.html?_ga=2.129.... Does it lead you somewhere else?

Appreciate you locating the additional resource, we have it listed under "Third-party Data Integration," above. 



@Ameneh looks like it's working. Maybe I had a bad connection. Thanks for looking into it. As part of my training, I must of used those links 10 times each. Thank you!

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