Select all the line items matching the text




The module is Numbered List as a dimension.

Requirement: to flag all the members matching the text member of the dimension.


Attached the screenshot for reference.

Dimension is numbered list with the property as a text (display name)

TEST 2 : selection through some formula flag.

Requirement is I need a boolean to flag all the member of the list which are identical to the TEST 2.


eg. in TEST 2 we have a member U000025. so i need boolean flag for all the members matching U000025.


what should be the work around for this?




  • Hi,


    Depending on what you would like to do with it there are probably easier solutions. And not even a need for a workaround. I'd assume your current solution isn't optimal from a performance, size and usability perspective.


    But depending on the settings of the line items you could use functions like NAME() to make some comparisons.Or bluntly compare the line item TEST 2 with the ITEM()-function/property you are using to name it.


    In case this isn't detailed enough, please provide the following information:

    - display name used: text or list? What list?

    - blueprint view of the module;


    All the best,


  • Hi @MaartenGijbels 


    Thanks for the reply.


    I can convert it to Name(), but how would i create a logic of comparison of text fields? (where the display name of numbered list is a Text formatted)

    I need to create a logic where i need to search for all those items matching the text display of numbered list. Lookup will work on the list formatted line.



  • The normal comparisons work.


    Something like

    IF List.Property  = Name( TEST 2 ) then TRUE else FALSE

      => Apple = Samsung  => False

      => Apple = Apple        => TRUE


    The bold part is just to make it more visual, functions exactly the same without. => best practice.

  • @MaartenGijbels  this didn't worked.


    Applied the logic in TEST 6. The result is zero, since the name formula converted gave output as #number of the display. 

    In the screenshot Capture 2. Test 6 line item should have 1 as output (i can have boolean line item as well, if the result is correct)


    Also, added screenshot Capture 3 to see different logic that can be applied. But I am not able to get the desired result.



  • prabhu

    Hi @ShivankurSharma - Yes it is possible to do.





    NOTE : Use List formatted line item as Display Name instead of Text Format.

    Because Text occupies 8 bytes per cell and List occupies 4 bytes per cell.

    and also to establish a relation or to create a connection between modules only list can help.


    First Load your flat list

    then load your numbered list and map those flat list to display name mentioned below.









    Create a system module with flat list as dimension to establish a relation between numbered list and flat list.






    Once the relation is identified in System module, i am using look up function to get the final result.






    Sorna Raja Prabhu


  • In case you don't want to go with the above flat list approach, consider pulling the Display Name property directly instead of using Name function. That should pull the text of Name.