How to obtain Period Format item for out of time range month


Hi experts,


Could you please help me, obtaining period formatted item for out-of-time-range month?



Financial year: 2018/4 ~2022/3

target month: 2018/3 ➡ Mar 18 (expected), Blank(actually)

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  • Sheethal
    Answer ✓

    If you are fine to show the outcome in text, you can try the following method. This will be a easier method if the data is only for display purpose.

    Create a mapping list to map the month in numeric (3) to month in words (Mar) as shown in the screenshot.


    Then you can use "CODE(FINDITEM(Mapping, RIGHT(Data, 1))) & " " & MID(Data, 3, 2)" formula to get the output in text format.

    Screenshot Module.JPG