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Supply Chain Anaplanners! Just found out my tier pricing best-practice article was published on the Anaplan Community Site. In this article I show you, step by step, the most optimized way to implement price lookups in Anaplan. Great for wholesale and CPG use-cases.

I can not possibly share this post without thanking Rob Marshall who very patiently helped review and edit this article. And, of course, my good friends on the Community Site, Holly Rieke and Yelena Kibasova who have been great to work with to get this published.

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  • Misbah
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    You raising the bar. Which topic should I take now to get my second article published. Haha:)


    Congrats, again it is an amazing piece of work. It was bookmarked when it was in the Content Shelf.


  • Thanks @Misbah - I look forward to when you and I publish an article together. Think of the possibilities!