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Hi, I feel like this is something super easy but have not been able to find anything in the tutorial or forum board.  Let's say I have 3 teams A, B, and C uploading to the GL line Sales.  So Sales is a total of individual uploads from each team. How do I write a formula so that I can reference each team's contribution and not just get the total?  i.e.  Now I can get Income Statement.Sales and it gives me the total sales for the group.  How would I display: Sales - Team A Sales - Team B Sales - Team C Many thanks for any advice someone could provide. Thanks, Luke

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    Hi Luke -

    From your description, I assume you have Team as a list, and a module where you have GL data by team.

    If that's the case then the easiest way is with a SELECT function, i.e.

    Sales - Team A  = GL Data.Sales[SELECT: Team.Team A]

    Cheers, Adam