How show first ten items in a chart/table


Hello. I have one problem with asceding sorting in anaplan
So, for example:
I have module with dimensions: Users, Time, Line Items (value). I need to filter my values in the way to show only top10 values on the chart.
Are there any ideas or tricks how to do it?
I faced a problem that fuction 'RANK' doesnt work with users. 


  • @Zoya 

    Rank is the way to go!

    May I ask why your customer doesn't agree?

    Show me the use case and I'll give you a step by step guide.

    Basically looks like this:

    • convert users to a text value
    • Use rank
    • create boolean for top 10
    • filter on boolean
  • I did not know that Rank() doesn't work with user lists, it's not in the Anapedia page of the function. But I see the error when I try to use Rank with a module dimensioned by users.
    I am very curious to know why is that restriction in place? If anyone knows the reason please share.


    What is the main purpose of including the Users list in the module? 

  • Zoya

    I had this idea. But the problem is that you can only collect data using formulas from fake users to anaplan ones. In fact, I couldn't think of anything better than:
    1. Create a module similar to this one, but on fake users
    2. To make the imports in this module
    3. use rank
    4. Add the result to the source module using formulas
    I do not really like the heaviness of this decision. Because I have to use import under the "show only top10" button

  • Zoya

    Long story. This is due to filters. Each user has own set of filters that cannot be used just like filter to dimension

  • Misbah



    That's the limitation while using Native Users list. Here are all functions that do not accept the Users list as list argument.