Level 2 MB Sprint 2: Verify DEM03 Formulas & Summary Methods


Hi! I was hoping someone could share if I am missing something in this activity: 



and this is what I have in my module: I am having trouble matching the rounded cells and I think it's throwing off the rest of the data. 



Anyone have advice on how to fix this or if I am correct because I don't understand how 59.47 rounds to 60?


Thank you ahead of time!



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  • Tiffany.Rice
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    Hi @Lkishko, you will need to modify the formula for the Initial Demand Forecast to ROUND up the default forecast.  In this case you are not wanting to round to the nearest dollar but rather always round up (so the key is that you need to tell the formula to round UP to the next whole numeric value i.e. 0 decimal places).  Below is a link to Anapedia to get some specifics on how you might need to setup the syntax.  



    Hope that helps to get you started!


  • Lkishko

    Thanks, @Tiffany.Rice!

    I guess it didn't clearly specify to have to round up, instead I just changed the format to 0 decimal places -which made it round to the nearest value. 


    Thanks for the help!


  • Hi @Lkishko 


    By default round function works like normal i.e rounds off to nearest integer if decimal points are 0 but there is a parameter called direction where you can signify whether you want to round the number to next positive integer or lowest integer ,


    In the example 59.47 , if you use round by default, it will round of to 59 but if you use round with up parameter , it will round to 60, infact any value from 59.01 to 59.99 will go to 60,


    this is the default function


    if you write round(lineitem,0,up) it will always round to next highest value as seen which will match with the data check 


    View https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Calculation_Functions/All/ROUND.html to know more about round


  • @Lkishko 

    In financial numbers, it makes sense to round using the default method but these are bars or boxes of chocolate so they can't be 59.5 boxes for the example. That's why you had to round to the nearest whole number.

  • Younes

    Hello @Tiffany.Rice 

    Thanks for you help. I am at the same level of the trainig and i have a format problem in this module.

    Instead of having 58.88 for example like @Lkishko , i have 5,887,728... like shown below :


    Can you tell me how to fix it ?


  • @Younes
    I would recommend double checking the source module for the Baseline Forecast. You likely need to reload the Historic+Volumes.csv into the DAT03 module of the Data Hub (and then run the action to bring that data into your supply chain model). On the File Options within the Import Data Source, ensure the Decimal Separator is set to Dot rather than Comma.

    This is not a formatting issue but rather a data issue.
  • Younes

    @Tiffany.Rice  Thanks a lot Tiffany, that exactly it. I changed and it works perfectly 🙂 

  • Had this issue as well and now it is working fine.

    I thought it would be helpful to post a screenshot of the solution. (Decimal separator was defaulting to Comma, and it should be "Dot" under File Options. Thank you @Tiffany.Rice )