Need to lookup Employee name basis the Employee order




Source module has All Employee list and basis their "Joining Date" (Line Item 1) "Rank" (Line Item 2) has been determined, in Target Module I have "Employee Order" (Line item) formatted as number.


Is their any way, basis the "Employee Order" in Target Module I can get the respective employee’s name from the source module in an another line item (formatted as Employee List)?




  • Hi I @sharmagh 

    What are the dimensions of the second module (containing the order numbers ?


    Are there any other modules for the orders 

  • sharmagh


    1. It has Employee Category (list) in rows. 

    2. No, these

    are the two modules right now.


  • @sharmagh 

    If I understand you correctly you have the following 

    1. Employee category linked to Order # (is this a parent of the Employee List?) 
    2. Employee List
    3. Orders (linked to Employee Category)

    and you want to include the employee name along with the order and category.


    Let me ask you this; If you find a way to lookup the employee name, how would you know which order belongs to which employee?

    Definitely something is missing. Please show your modules blueprint and/or the original data you are trying to implement into Anaplan (Excel file for example)

  • sharmagh



    Though it is not the real module however, the structure is exactly same, kindly have a look:

    Source Module:




    Target Module:



    all I want is to get he Employee Name in Target module from the source module basis their rank order.



  • Hey @sharmagh 
    Thanks for the info.

    As I asked before, how will you match the employee name to the data in the "temp emp mod" module?
    For example, what would be the employee name for the intersection of Jan 19 and Cat A? is it going to be Emp A because Emp A has a rank 1 and the combination of Jan 19 and Cat A has a rank 1 as well?

    Please explain the business logic because I don't see the relationship between Cat, Emp, and Rank. 


  • sharmagh

    As i said, this is not the actual scenario, due to complaince issue i can't share the it,  so can't  explain you the buisness logic however, yes the employee name in target module should come basis the rank order. 


    You can ignore the Category and basis rank order try to get the employee name.

  • @sharmagh 


    I don't believe I can provide a useful answer in this situation. I fail to fully understand the ask. 
    You don't have to provide the actual business logic in your questions, but a complete logic is needed to help others help you.

    One general technical issue that may help you is the following:
    To get the "Name" of an item in a list you can use the formula NAME(ITEM(List Name))

  • Misbah



    I wish I had a better answer.  


    Even if you want us to ignore the category, are you saying that one rank will not be shared by multiple employees. If that is the case I would say


    1. Generate a list based on Rank and Import Employee Names as an attribute

    2. Use Finditem function in the Temp Emp Mod module to get the Rank from Lists.

    3 Use Lookup to get the Employee name


    But I am sure this is not the requirement because you are trying to Rank employees based on the start dates and then you want to check the rank based on the categories of the employees. There is a missing piece here

  • sharmagh



    1. Yes, One Employee one Rank

    2. Basis the Joining date the rank will be calculated

    3. In Second Module, the Rank Order is nothing but the PREVIOUS(Rank Order +1) formatted as number

    4. Basis the Rank Order I need the respective Emp Name.


    Let me know if i need to give more clarity

  • Misbah



    What is your final objective because it still isn't clear.


    For example -

    What is the relationship between Employee Category and Employee Name. Is Category an attribute?

    Why are you having Time dimension in the target module when you have already ranked in the source module as per Dates?

    Why are you doing the way you are doing it now?


    Right now we are at this query thru your lens and whatever the solution will be provided might not be relevant, as per best practices or even right for that matter. So I request you DM me your logic in detail, if you have any reservations in posting your business logic here.

    Will be happy to assist


  • Ok so here's my take:


    The start is like yours:


    notice on my rank, the employees with the same date do not have the same rank, for that I use the option SEQUENTIAL:


    Now the interesting part:


    I did not reproduce exactly your dimensions, as I'm not sure what you mean by category and I don't get why you have time. Anyway it should not matter. Not sure how you did your ranking but mine is a simple RANKCUMULATE just for show

    The trick here is to get the employee and this module DOES NOT KNOW what an employee is, as it doesn't have it as a dimension. In this case, LOOKUP won't work because you have no way to derive the employee from the rank, that relationship does not exist anywhere in a way Anaplan can read it. What I do usually for this kind of logic is the Employee Getter line item, which has the following formula:

    IF Rank = 'forum: rank on a top list'.Rank calc THEN ITEM(Employees) ELSE BLANK

    Comparing the ranking in the module vs the ranking in the source module. How does that work ? well I've added the employee dimension to this line item, so it knows about employee and can use the source module.

    Finally you can simply extract that value in your final Employee line item by referencing it. But don't forget to change the summary of Employee Getter to first non blank so the final line item can just take that summary (because it doesn't know about employees, it can only take the summarynathan_rudman_2-1589921204651.png

    If you look inside the Employee Getter subsidiary view, you'll understand what happens:


    This should work for you.

    Again, not the same dimensions as you. If you want to add time, you can, or any other dimension, no need to change logic. If you want to rank by/within dimensions, you can use the groups of RANK based on a property of employees (your category) and add it to the comparison of the Employee Getter  IF source category = item category AND rank = source rank then item(Employee) else blank