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Hi! I am working with versions that have different edition dates set. Working with Forecast Jun Version, which edit date is set from July 15, I have 2 line items. I have two questions: 1 - Why is it that if I set a formula (like a number 1) it is shown in the hole timescale, even though the time editable is from July 15? 2 - I actually did an import from LI 1 to LI 2 and it copies all the data, including in the periods that are not editable. Why does that happen? I'm adding screenshots. Thanks in advance! Happy Anaplanning!

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  • 1. formulas are applied on the whole line item, no matter what, even if you have historical data on it in the past.
    2. note: there is the bulk copy function in the version's settings screen.

    what's to retain ? "edit from" and "edit to" only block the edit of the value in the cell for a user, not for the model builder in import, bulk copy or even and you noticed when changing the formula.

    I believe that the bulk copy should be added some date options, probably allowing you to do what you siwh, while the rest should stay as it is.
  • and by the way, the switch over option might help you doing what you need: it automatically clone a version to another up until a date


  • Micaela,

    A comment on your Question 2, I have observed that while you can lock users out through things like version edit dates and workflow completed status, a workspace admin can defeat these lockouts by importing, both from CSV and model to model. This makes life much simpler for the admin if you need temporarily to lock down a live model, to update actuals data for example, and then return it into the hands of a user community to carry on adding and updating from the point at which you locked them out. If I need to block out various months, however, I prepare a CSV upload file, delete the unwanted months from the file, and check the 'target items to clear prior to import' carefully before running the import:D

    If you are making a direct input of data, typing in over the blue numbers, or cutting and pasting from a spreadsheet perhaps, even an admin is constrained by the version edit dates and workflow statuses.

    Basically a small data set is quickly typed or copied/pasted in, workflow permitting, but a big one is more quickly done through a CSV file, so you have to estimate the balance before you decide which way to go.

  • @Nathan, I agree that 'from date' and 'to date' options in the bulk copy would be a useful development. This would make it unnecessary to go via CSV files in some instances.