Assign actions in NUX


Ability to use the "Assign" action in New UX

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  • Agree!

    This button is useful when promo functionality is to be developed, for example. If we don't have it in New UX, we won't have a possibility to use New UX for these dashboards. The only way is to create import instead assign button, but it takes more time for development and much less user-friendly. 

  • Miran
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  • It's not the same as assign but I would check out forms within the new ux. It provides a nice popup for adding to a list and populating line items within a specific module and list properties if applicable. You can add or edit current forms in the "Configure Actions" menu. 






  • I think the issue is that you need to be able to add multiple items rather than single items as you currently do with a form if we could make the form be able to add multiple items then totally agree that forms are much better than the current classic way of adding items to a list.

  • Agreed! This functionality similar to the Assign Action has to be in the NUX.

  • Agreed!  This is a big miss right now. 

  • DanO

    Assign action in the new UX.


    This continues to come up and is a primary hinderance to adoption of the new UX.  On behalf of customers and partners, I commenting to promote this into the UX roadma.

  • Agree - especially with the release of Assign to numbered list, this action is critical in many Territory Management use cases / implementations and without it being on the NUX, we will not be able to migrate our customers to the NUX.

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • Glad this is on the roadmap, also helpful since L3 MB has large focus on NUX

  • This should have been included from the start, there is no parity with the old UX if this is not there. For user it is super useful that they can click on a parent element and a child directly to it, instead of having to select the parent in the pop up menu. When you have thousand elements you lose a lot of time!

  • This copy branch workaround could be used in a similar manner for assign with a little extra development until it is built into the UX



  • The workarounds unfortunately don't address usability. This is still an important feature for UX adoption. 

  • Status changed to: Delivered

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