Group/ungroup columns/rows in New UX


Please, add a possibility to group columns / rows, like in Excel.

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  • Miran
    Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • I do support this Idea, I think it is really necessary, mi idea of this functionallity is that in a module or view (grid in a page) can appears icons of  '+'or '-'  just like appears when have them in the tree view of a list. so we can group or collapse when click on them, this could facilitate the administrators experience, avoiding to create additionally filter modules




  • I do support this idea too. In my experience, it would be particularly useful for line items (or at least line item subsets). In financial statements, it would very handy to be able to show or hide easily some details that you don't want showing all the time, while keeping the important line items showing.

    (it would be nice for lists too)      

  • Totally agree, this is a much needed functionality which adds a lot of value to senior management. Please add this.

  • nakoche

    Please make it possible! Very usefull and user friendly feature!

  • Please make it possible ! My client is looking forward to having this native feature on his dashboards ! 

  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • I believe this function should be in Anaplan because it really handy and useful like in Excel.

  • Absolutely necessary to prevent the requirement for both summary and detailed UX dashboards.

  • Hi - is there any update here?

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