Return Value from Module with Time Dimension

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This might be simple to some but I am having problem with the result here. See below


Module 1 is a module where users input the start of Data of Projection, this is their input module. Module 2 on the other hand is a Line Item named Value and a Time Dimension. So if a user input a Date (Time Period format) April 2020 on Module 1 it will then look to the Module 2 and return the value with the same Date (Time Period) from Module 1 as seen below. I have 2 examples here hope it makes sense.



Any ideas on this let me know and thank you in advance.



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  • Misbah
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    Use SUM function. See if this helps


    Module 1:


    Module 2: 



  • Kanishq17
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    Hi @Jsdeloria21 


    it is a case of lookup, you can simply use module2.value[lookup: start date] as start date is period formatted, so it will retrieve value from module 2 as per requested period