Date Functions


Hi all I need to create a line item in a module which has a formula that, based on various conditions returns a 0 or a 1.  One of the conditions is a date range and I am having a problem getting it right.  The range that I need to use is:   DATE >= today’s date – 30 days AND DATE <= today’s date + 120 days   I have found out that there is no available function to return today’s date and this is where I am having problems.  How can this be done? Thanks

Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman

    No there is no "today" to my knowledge but you can use the functions currentperiodend() or currentperiodstart() which will give you the first or last day of the "current period" that you set in the time settings.

    I agree this is not optimal...

    ps: a trick,you can use is enter a "today date" in a line item of a specific module and use it, but then you have to update it yourself...