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Curious - Why wont we use Parent(Item('G2 Country')) for line item 3 (Region)?




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  • ArunManickam
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    1. The module you shown is dimensioned by G3 Location and not G2 Country.

    2. You typically calculate once and reference many times for better performance, ITEM('G2 Country') need not be used when you already have a line item which gives you ITEM('G2 Country')





  • because COuntry is already list formated, which is what you get with ITEM, so no need to redo it

  • Hi @SatyamArora 


    PARENT function needs list formatted line item / list as its parameter as it basically giving the parent of the list member ,


    since a line item is already formatted by the G2 country list , i.e (item) so you can directly take parent(g2) to get g1 parent,


    in case there was not any G2 country line item, you would have to do parent(parent(item(g3)) 

  • Hi @SatyamArora 

    You got excellent responses.
    There is a much simpler reason to add to the list of why you should avoid using these "compound" formulas. 

    You might want to reference the inner formula (in this case Item () ) from another line item, so if you separate it you will easily have access to it.
    Also, it's a matter of getting used to writing a simpler formula for Auditability PLAN.
     Finally, Some functions won't allow you to use a compound formula as a parameter.  For example, you can say 
    Source.line item[lookup: parent line item]
    where parent line item = PARENT(ITEM(L3)

    But you can't write 

    Source.line item[lookup: PARENT(ITEM(L3)]