Creation of sub-categories within Categories in New UX


There are some scenarios where there is a need of contextual grouping of pages at more detailed level. Currently, we can different categories and group the pages together as per the functional areas. There is also a need of an option where we can create sub categories within a category for grouping of some pages in a more specified manner. Sometimes, within a category, it can be a long list of pages and these all are related to the category. So, if we can have option of sub categories creation, it would be helpful to organize the pages in an effective and efficient manner.

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  • Miran
    Status changed to: New
  • This would be a useful feature. I am working with a client who needs to group their pages in a hierarchy. There would be too many pages if grouped at the top level.

  • Yes, this feature would be very appreciated, it seems to be needed by a lot.

    thank you

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