Firstnonblank formula not working




I'm trying to create a line item with the "firstnonblank" formula but it's not working. 

I have 3 line item :

  • line item 1 = hub (let's say "1"or "2")
  • line item 2 = some text but not everywhere
  • line item 3 : i want to have the text of line item 2 but for each item in the same hub 


I join a screen which is way more understandable.


A and B are text-formatted and HUB is list-formatted. 

I was thinking doing something like line item 3 = Store receiving[FIRSTNONBLANK: Hub] to get my answer but it's not working ... 

Do you have any idea why by any chance ?


Many thanks in advance !


  • @Mariann ,


    Create a new module dimensionalized by line item 1 (hub) and the formula should work.


    Hope this helps,



  • Mariann


    Many thanks for this quick answer ! 

    Should I do a line item subset for this ? 




  • @Mariann 


    No, a line item subset is not needed.  Just create a new module with the "hub" list in the Applies to and then put your formula in referencing line item 2.



  • Mariann

    Ok great, many thanks ! I'll try this right now

  • Is this working?