Bring weekly data into a daily module


this should be easy but I just can't get it.

I have a weekly module with inventory cases...snapshot is done on Wednesdays.

Anyway trying to take that snapshot and have it show up in a daily module on the Wednesday date.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I'm trying to avoid making the inventory cases a daily module.




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  • rob_marshall
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    @debbie5154 ,


    I think I get it.  First, I would not add a SKU line item in the source with Time as SKU will not be changing over time, so it is wasting space.  So, in the source, say your code or unique list is 100_200_300_400 where one of those is SKU.  Dimensionalize this by time, at the week level which is what i think you have.


    Then, create a module by SKU and time, still at the week level and this is where you do the sum (data[sum:target module.SKU]).  Now, for the target, you can create a module dimensionalized by SKU at the day level, and you can do a lookup using a SYS Time Filter module dimensionalized by Day with a line item showing the week (SKU.Data[lookup:SYS Time Filter Day.Current Week]) where current week is the line item in the SYS Time module.


    Hopefully that makes since, if not I can put some pictures together to help here.




  • Hi @debbie5154 


    I believe you should be able to use the WEEKVALUE formula to pull data from your weekly inventory module into the daily module.


    If you only want a value to display on Wednesdays you may consider using the WEEKDAY formula in conjunction with the an IF statement and the above formula.  Roughly I would envision the formula to be: IF NOT the third day of the week then 0 ELSE WEEKVALUE(target line item)


    Hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction.  


  • @Tiffany.Rice Thanks for the quick response.  I tried the WeekValue but because the two modules don't have the same dimensions...I need to use a SUM


    WEEKVALUE(Inventory Import Weekly.Cases[SUM: Inventory Import Weekly.SKU])


    and get the following error:

    "The WEEKVALUE function may not take an expression as it's argument, only a line item or property."


    does this mean the modules have to have matching dimensions?

  • @debbie5154 ,


    To be able to help you better, it might be more helpful to give more details such as:

    • other than time, do either module share a list?
    • if not, are you trying to get the sum of the target (the one with multiple lists) or are you trying to get a certain weekly value by doing a lookup?


  • @rob_marshall 

    thanks for quick always seems like a simple question but I understand wanting more info 😉


    Source Module: Dimension by unique key...composite of SKU, Inventory Status, site, etc. I've add a row that looks up the SKU (list).
    Time is week.


    Target Module: Dimension by SKU (list); time is daily.

    Need to bring row "cases" from source to target based on SKU. By adding the "sum by" the weekvalue() wont work. Ideally the value will only show up on target on a Wednesday...but I can always "lag" and "if" to get that.



  • You got it and thanks for the help from @rob_marshall and @Tiffany.Rice