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Hi Guys,


I need some assistance on what approach to use here. Below is the description.

The clients report consists on a table where they input the No. of Bldgs. and on another report those numbers of bldgs will be spread out.



The result on the Target module will be



Another example will be


and the result on the target module will  be




So its like a dynamic table depending on the input of the client.

Is this like a numbered list because I never encountered something like this before.


Appreciate the assistance





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  • Kanishq17
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    Hi @Jsdeloria21 


    If I assume right, based on no of towers they want to show, you have to filter the towers list,


    you can create a filter module which will be true as per the input entered, so i added a property tower number in the list and it is showing towers for which tower number <= input number and it shows all towers in case it is blank 




    then simply you can apply this as a filter to the target module and publish it on the dashboard



    note- dashboard has to be refreshed after entering the number




  • Kanishq17
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    hi @Jsdeloria21 


    1. as per your requirement , you said that the user can enter the no of towers needed to view, so that filter has tower list as the dimension to filter. so it will contain entire list as the dimension, i added only 20 as an example


    2. Towers.Tower number is a property of the tower list, basically it counts sequentially all the towers added , then this property is used to match the input value






  • @Jsdeloria21 ,


    So, how many total towers as in what is the max?  Can you not just define x number of towers and then use filters to show the correct number?



  • Hi Rob,


    to be honest in the sample report that the client sent us. The No. of bldgs they inputted on their Assumptions was 16. That is same sample I gave you. But let us say maximum they have is the 2nd example 4 bldgs. The client has not confirmed the maximum towers as of posting.


    Appreciate the response


  • Hi Kanishq17,


    With some new information from client with regards to this query, I have some questions on this

    1.  On the screen shot below, the module below with filter tower line item, is this a module with a List on the rows pertaining to a fix number of towers? 


    2. in the formula, ISBLANK(inp.No of buildings) or Towers.number tower <=inp.Buildings val. Where is Towers.number tower present? In the list of in the module?


    Appreciate the response I am currently re-building the current design base on this approach