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Would appreciate any help here I have a module ' Comp Reservation Details' which is mapped to the list 'comp_reservation_details'. I have entered the formula for the module line item 'Reservation ID' as ' comp_reservation_details.Reservation ID'. The values are getting populated in the column 'Reservation ID'  as expected but they are not editable. How to make the values in that column editable?





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  • anirudh
    Hi Prabakaran,

    Please delete the formula 'comp_reservation_details.Reservation ID' from your line item. This will retain the data in the cells and will now be editable

    Let me know if you need more help

  • @praba71 

    If you have a formula entered then it is not editable. What are you trying to accomplish by this? Should it reference the list or be editable?


    Could you use an override function where you use 3 line items:

    Starting Value: This is equal to your current line item that has the formula

    Override Value: This would be the editable field that you could allow users to input or to change the value that was defaulted

    Final Value:Formula that states" If ISBLANK(Override Value) THEN Starting Value ELSE Override Value"



  • praba71

    Thank you very much for the quick response..


    @jasonblinn  I got what you are suggesting..We are populating the List by importing a data file.

    Ideally, we want the reservation id column in the module, to be taking values from the List. But, we want to enable the edit feature so that user can correct the values, if needed. 

    As per your suggestion, Override Value will be blank to start with and user will enter the corrected value ,if needed. For better user experience, we want user to correct the values in the Starting Value itself. is that not possible?


    Thanks again


  • @praba71 

    Are you trying to change the list member itself, or just a specific mapping which is currently a property?


    If it is the list member itself, then you would need to edit that in the list itself and not in a module. If you are using a numbered list and just want to change the display name, then you could import the data straight into a module and reference the display name property to your line item, and then it would be editable in the module.


    If it is a property of a list that you are trying to change, then you can just make that in a module as opposed to using a property. You could import directly to a module and if there is no formula then you can edit the imported values. 


    I am not sure if any of these suggestions would meet your needs or no, but they are only some of the possibilities available.


  • hi @praba71 


    so when you are referring line item i.e applying formula to line item , it wont be editable, so here is what you can do

    1. after referring the values , delete the formula so that values can be edited and original values can be retained

    2. provide 2 aditional line items as override and final value, so in case user wants to override , he can enter the value of overide value which will be the final value, else initial value is the final value

    3. additionally, you can provide a boolean as override? and only for the values for which line item override is ticked, user can override the value , this can be achieved using DCA(Dynamic cell access)