How to use SUM function between modules


Hi everyone.

I have a simple question.

I would like to calculate the total cost of staff from a module that inputs the cost of staff for each month.


Please see belows...

コメント 2020-05-28 190713.jpg

How can I solve it? I don't know better idea...


Best regards.


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  • Kanishq17
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    hi @taku.s ,


    in the target, time is not an dimension, while in the source time is a dimension, so you can directly refer count line item from source module and it will pickup the FY value else you can use timesum(source) as timesum gives sum from start period to end period defined in source module,


    use timesum(count)




  • you want the total over time ?


    then you can do add a [SELECT:Time.All Periods] in your formula.

    But for this you need to have this all periods enabled: you can do so in the time settings

  • taku.s

    Hi @Kanishq17 


    Thank you for helping. I did it!

    I've understood that how to use TIMESUM function.


    Best regards.


  • thanks a lot!