How to aggregate of data with different dimensions across modules.

Hi everyone.

I have two modules. Each module has different dimensions.

And I would like to aggregate these modules to one modules.


Please see below:


I assume that it will be solved by importing data between modules.

But I don't know the specific solution.

How can I solve the problem?


Best regards,


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  • Kanishq17
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    hi @taku.s 


    create a new list which contains all the list members of module 1 and module 2, either manually or by importing action (list-list import) and then create a module with this list and the line items of modules, then import twice from each module and keep those actions in a process




  • Hi @taku.s ,


    Why do you want to aggregate 2 different dimensions the way you have shown, Is it only for display purpose?


    If it is only for Display, you can just publish the 2 modules on the dashboard, otherwise you cannot have 2 dimensions one after another in a module.


    Let me know if this helps, other wise can you please explain your query in more detail.




  • Hi @taku.s 


    I think you need to

    1. create new list(Module C)

    2. Create Saved View in Module A and Module B

    3. Import data module A and Module B using saved view to new list properties and in module C use formula from new list properties or

    4. Import data module A and Module B using saved view to Module C





  • @Yash1 

    Thank you for your reply.


    Because I would like to output the data as one flat file.

    I aggregate 2 different dimensions.


    Best reagards,


  • Hi,@Kanishq17 


    Thank you for your reply.

    I'll try it later!



  • Hi,

    1. Create a New List .

    2. Now Create 2 Line Items in the previous two modules to create the Codes for Importing the List items in the New List. Line Item 1 formula(1st module): CUMULATE(1,FALSE, 'List 1 Name'). Set the Summary of this Line item as 'MAX'.

    3. Line Item 2 formula (2nd Module): CUMULATE(1,FALSE, 'List 2 Name')+ 'Line Item 1'[SELECT: Top Level of List 1]

    4. Now You can import from both the Modules using these two Line Items as Codes into the new list.

    5. Then create a new Module with this list and the corresponding data in the module.


    Hope this helps!