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We propose that builders are provided with up to date information on any changes and enhancements as soon as or before these are provisioned in NUX.  We know that Anaplan provides release updates but we feel that a lot of enhancements are not included in these 2-3 week release blog.

We have accidentally come across the function to change the size of the grid format in the worksheet page which we never been advised this was coming to the NUX.

format grid.png

At times we've been building functionalities to do a workaround since some functions are not available in NUX but find out that this workaround has become redundant because Anaplan has enhanced the functionality.

If we would have known the pipeline earlier, we would have held off on the build.

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  • I have to say I’m struggling a little bit to keep on top of everything 🙂 

    I very much like the relevant release sections, blogs (including the sneak peak ones)...if they were kept up to date and edited accordingly would subscribers receive notifications? This could be an easy tactical option?

    Perhaps another option could be a non invasive notification alert in Anaplan for workspace admins ?

  • Miran
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