Level 2 Sprint 3 INV01 - Not 1st week of Timescale?


I have a question on the line item Not 1st week of Timescale? in the "SYS01 Time Settings By Week' module of Supply Chain Model. I am trying to understand the formula for First week of the timescale. Whatever i try to generate for this lineitem is based on the current period of the timescale. What i am trying to understand is that is there any logic which does not have to depend on the current period because that be can change anytime. Please also let me know if my understanding that the 1st week of Timescale should never change even though the current period changes. Please let me know if you need any other information.

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  • einas.ibrahim
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    No Problem @deepak49242 

    I can help you think about the formula you need.
    As you may know, Anaplan functions are divided into different categories. 

    One of which is the Time and Date functions category. That's your first stop. The function you are seeking has to be related to Time/Date.
    You need to find a function that behaves differently - or returns a special output- in the first period of the time scale.

    I'm sure you will get it once you review the calculation functions, but again, if you still have questions let me know.

    P.S. We are supposed to help community members who are going through the Model Builder certificates by guiding them through the process rather than giving them the ready answer. 


  • Hi @deepak49242 


    1st period of timescale is independent of current period.

    the current scale is what is defined in the Time setting 

    let’s say it’s 2020.

    current period as you correctly stated changes. It could be any period within that time scale.


    What the exercise is asking you to do is to identify the beginning if the timescale 

    If as the example above the time scale is 2020 and time period setting is in months then Jan 2020 is the first period and will always be so.

    you can apply the same logic if you have periods in weeks for example. 

    If the formula you have is dependent on the current period then most probably it’s not correct.

    you can send the logic of the formula -not the formula itself- and maybe I can help you understand better.


    hope that helps but if you still have questions let me know.

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim ,


                             Thank You for your help. I was just using a comparing using the ITEM function of time and  Current Period which is not the way to do. Like you said, i need to have a universal formula and working on getting it. Thanks again for making me understand.

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim Thank you for the update. I will work  on finding the  solution. Have a nice weekend.

  • Younes

    Hello @einas.ibrahim 

    Thnak you for your insights, they are always helpful. Concerning this topic i have a question. I used the "NOT INPERIOD(CURRENTPERIODSTART())" formula and it's working. But i know that if we change the current period my formula doesn't not work anymore. I couldn't find a formula that targets the start of time scale and not the current period. Could you help me ?

  • Hey @ Younes

    I’ll be more than happy to help you.
    Can I ask you for a favor. Could you post the same question in the training forum -instead of Anaplan platform Forum- yah it with Model 2 training and mention me like you did here and will pick the Conversation there

    Thank you