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The Current Fiscal Year is Jan 2020 to Dec 2020

No of Past Years : 1

No of Future Years: 1

Current Period: changes monthly


For a Sys module, what formula (Boolean type) can be used to select the months for Jan 2020 to Dec 2020 (even though Current Period changes)? 


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  • naushad786
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    Hi @Sally ,


    Please find the below screenshots if it works for you.


    I have created a module with time dimension and created a line item as you can can see the below screenshot.



    Reference Check? line item to the below module based on [LOOKUP : Year]












  • Misbah



    Not sure if I understood your requirement


    1.If you want to populate current period in SYS Time module then use PERIOD(CURRENTPERIODSTART()) = ITEM(TIME) or PERIOD(CURRENTPERIODEND()) = ITEM(TIME)

    2. If you want to populate every month write the formula TRUE in line item

    3. If you are using Global Module to Pull Current Period then use Global Module.Current Period = ITEM(TIME)


    Hope that helps


  • Misbah

    4. If you want to populate months of current year only then try this 



  • @Misbah 

    Thanks for your quick reply. 


    The Time setting is from Jan 2020 to Dec 2020 with No of Past Years: 1 and No of Future Years: 1

    Current period:  Jan 20 but will changes monthly to Feb 20, Mar 20 etc

    and we would like to have Jan 2020 to Dec 2020 selected as SYS module even though Current period changes.




    Your suggestions 1 and 2 does not address it as suggestion 1 results in Jan 20 selected whereas suggestion 2 results in all months selected.

    How does suggestion 3 work?

  • Misbah



    Ah I see. Try this




    It was option 4 in the previous reply

  • Hi @Sally ,



    In suggestion 3 you can create separate module without Time Dimension and create One line item say Current Period format as month write formula PERIOD(CURRENTPERIODSTART()). 


    In your module write the formula in budget  Created Module.Current Period = ITEM(TIME). it changes when current month will change also you can refer as a global reference.



    Hope it will help you.





  • @naushad786
    Thanks for explaining.
  • hi @Sally 


    so you can do it in multiple ways

    1. If Quarter total is not enabled, then parent(item(time))=time.'FY20' else parent(parent(item(time))=time.'FY20'

    2. else you can put FY20 in a separate module as cy=year(currentperiodstart()) and refer as year(item(time))=cy


  • @Kanishq17 ,


    Please do not hardcode to a particular list member, even time, as now it will be harder to roll your model forward as you have formula's specifically referencing members that may or may not be there.



  • @naushad786
    Thanks for the solution.