Weighted average, similar to sumproduct in excel


Hi all

I have 4 line items vis. Actual demand, D1, D2,D3, Forecast demand. Having monthly time dimension for FY 20.

Need to calculate Forecast demand for each month based on this calculation

Forecast for April 20 = (Actual demand for Jan 20 * D1+Actual demand for Feb 20 * D2 + Actual demand for Mar 20 * D3)/ sum D1 +D2+D3

Basically its a 3 month moving average, considering weights at the same time.

File is attached for your reference



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  • prabhu
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    Hi @anupgade - See this image, for better understanding.





    Sorna Raja Prabhu


  • Yes, but the question arises how to incorporate those weights in the calculation.

  • anirudh
    Hi Anup,

    Can you please illustrate further, what would be the forecast for May 20 and Jun 20

  • prabhu

    Hi @anupgade,


    You can accomplish in 2 ways


    Major task is to get the 3rd, 2nd, 1st month data (Actual).


    Approach 1:

                 1. Create a system Module, where you should map current month with past 3rd month (using formula)

    refer this line item for calculating weighted average.

        apply the similar logic for getting past 2nd and 1st month data(Actual).


    Approach 2:

                  1. Try movingsum() function,

    i will give you an hint, check if it helps.


    movingsum(actual, -3,-3,sum) - to get 3rd month data


    apply similar for getting 2nd and 1st month





    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • Thank you